We are pleased to introduce Venture Engineering (Pvt.) Ltd. as air conditioning / Refrigeration Engineers and contractors. The company has been engaged in air conditioning and Refrigeration business since 2004 in especially in HOTELS & HOSPITALS. We have completed many important projects with Capacities up to as large as 2500 tons.

Venture Engineering (Pvt.) Ltd. was established by Mr. Sheikh Sajid Qayyum in 2004. The name Venture Engineering (Pvt.) Ltd. is a symbol of standard and the quality work, Venture Engineering (Pvt.) Ltd. provide services in the field of Electrical, HVACR, Mechanical Chillers and other HVACR Products. The motto of VE is to provide unique, creative and moreover the best HVACR solutions in our particular concerns of specialty not only nationwide but globally. It has modernized with latest equipment, and has catered to both local and foreign clients, both in private and in government agencies or institutions. Over the 06 years of the company's existence, VENTURE ENGINEERING has gained extensive experiences in HVACR & Chillers etc. Our staff has performed projects all over the Pakistan. The company has completed different projects in different field, with an ambition to be one of the best companies in Pakistan in advance to fulfill the 21st century business requirements.


Venture Engineering (Pvt.) Ltd. provides highly specialized technical services in the fields of HVACR systems 
especially in HOTELS & RESORTS civil works, Ducting, Piping, Chillers & complete Local Work of HVAC 
system etc. The wide spectrum of services offered by the Company enables it to undertake successful execution of various projects from conception to operation. The nature of projects handled by the company comprises Hydropower projects.

Our company can provide adequate number of job parties at any given time equipped with the latest 
instruments. Our supply, installation, testing 7 commissioning department are very experienced so that they can do the big project in an ease in a given time period, according the requirements of the client. A wide verity of Hardware Company has. 

Venture Engineering (Pvt.) Ltd. shall be a unique resource for all those individuals and companies having 
boundless dreams for the boost in there business by sharing our art of passion & perfection. With the passage of time VENTURE ENGINEERING will indispensable name in the HVACR world. To provide unique, creative and moreover the best HVACR solutions in our particular concerns of specialty not only nationwide but globally. And we wish to be the pioneer in introducing latest electronics technology in Pakistan.


  • Designing and planning of Air conditioning system for comfort cooling / heating 
    Of multistoried buildings, offices, hotels, private residences, hospitals, auditoriums etc 

  • Installation of Air conditioning system for comfort cooling/heating of 
    Multistoried buildings, offices, hotels, private residences, hospitals, 
    Auditoriums etc 

    Our company has a very good team of qualified, well experienced engineers. Having vast experience on the field of heating, ventilation, air conditioning and refrigeration. 
    The company is fully capable of designing, supply, installing, commissioning, and trouble Shootingand maintaining any type and size of HVAC system.
    Venture Engineering (Pvt.) Ltd. would be pleased to furnish you any further information you May require and would welcome your inquiries. 


The company head office is in Lahore. Currently employing in excess of 15 staff at the Lahore office, The Company has the capability of undertaking projects large and small in all fields of HVACR and much more.


Our clients over the years have included Hotels & Resorts, Hospitals, Shopping Malls, Factories, Mills, Government Institutions, Hospitals, Real Estate Developers, Engineering Consulting Firms, Architectural Companies as well as private individuals.


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